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I always reply to a question.

Sometimes, however, it is impossible to do so by email due to customers using spam settings which can stop my responses reaching them.

If I am unable to send the email to you successfully, I will reply to the query on this page to ensure that you always get an answer one way or the other.

Therefore, if you have not received a reply, please check this page first before contacting us again. Thank you for your interest.

03rd July 2011

The inquiry from Mr.ADRIAN FERNANDEZ ;



The answer from us ;


I'm so sorry.

I can't read the Spanish.

Are you able to send me the email by English?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Lo siento mucho.

No puedo leer el español.

¿Puede enviarme el correo electrónico por inglés?

Estoy esperando tener noticias de usted.

Best regards
Masashi Nishimura
Kaneshin cutlery

21th April 2011

The inquiry from Mr.Luciano Scheid ;

>What is the forecast of returning to stock the item No.75 folding knife.

The answer from us ;

Of course,I accept that you return No.75 to us.

In case of that , please send No.75 to us?

Our address is ;

Company name : Kaneshin Cutlery Mfg. Co. Ltd

Zip code 501-3265 Oze2357 Seki-City Gifu-Pref,Japan
Tel 0575-22-0735

We will repay the money of No.75 at Paypal.

I couldn't send the email to you last time.

If you could receive the email,please reply to me.

Thank you.

Best regards
Masashi Nishimura
Kaneshin cutlery


14th April 2011

The order from Mr.Scheid

I have already sent your order on 15th.
I added your point.
Please login at your ID number and Pass.

If you don't know ID and PASS, I will send ID and PASS by FAX because I can't send the email to your address..Please tell me your FAX number 

10th April 2011

The inquiry from Mr.BAUDECHON ;

>I would like to know if you have a shop in Japan. I would also like to have the adress.

The answer from us ;

My address is as follows;

Zip code 501-3265
Address : Oze2357 Seki-City Gifu-Pref,Japan
Please feel free to ask me if you have any other questions.

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